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ColourVille Studios is a business run by a married couple that found their way to each other from opposite sides of the world. The colors of the logo represents Colombia and Vietnam linked together by the United States. The C&V unites the couple's skills set and talents artistically and culturally. They aim to turn empty spaces into vibrant colors through murals, paintings, illustrations, digital art, and company branding. Your imagination is their canvas.

Santi was born in the United States and raised in Colombia, City of Medellin. He has helped develop projects such as: animations, video games, and concept art in the world of entertainment. He has had the privilege to illustrate the complexities of mental conditions; The Warrior, depicts the adventures he faced during a crucial period of his life. He loves working with bold, bright colors, experimenting with different medias, and enjoys conversing. If you have to pee, don't talk to him!


Trish was born and raised in Houston, Tx. She graduated at St. Mary’s with a double major corporate finance and risk management. She currently works in structure finance, where she works with hedge fund managers to help structure their workflow operations, as well as corporate portfolio reporting. She is taking her skills and using them in developing the client relationship to Colourville Studios, as well as overseeing the projects.

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